Magnatech D-Head 420 GTAW Orbital Pipe, Multi-Pass Welding

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Magnatech D-Head 420 GTAW Orbital Pipe, Multi-Pass Welding

The Magnatech D Weld Head is designed to make pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. It is “full function" – with the capability of reproducing all the motions of a skilled welder. The D Weld Head is used for applications with radial and axial clearance constraints. Interchangeable guide rings provide mounting on the pipe, and allow the D Weld Head to cover a broad size range: 25 – 356 mm. The D Weld Head improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.


  • Fossil Power Plant Construction/Maintenance
  • Steam Generation Equipment Fabrication
  • Nuclear Power Plant Construction/Maintenance
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Facility Construction Maintenance
  • Shipyard Construction
  • Gas Transmission Pipelines
  • Process Piping

  • Full function Capability (Torch Rotation, Filler Wire Feed, Electronic Arc Gap Control, Electronic Oscillation)
  • Broad size range
  • Guide Rings available for standard Tube/Pipe sizes
  • Waterproof Carry Case/Tool Kit standard
  • Water-Cooled Torch uses standard Expendables

    Guide Rings Mount Head on Pipe. Available for all nominal pipe sizes 48 mm – 356 mm and Tube sizes 44 mm – 127 mm


ApplicationMulti-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe, pipe-to-fitting
Cable length
7.6 m (25’) standard. Extension cables available
Pipe (tube) size range
25 – 356 mm
Filler wire module

Wire size: 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 mm

Max. speed capability: 2540 mm/min. (100 IPM)

Spool size: 1 kg (2 lbs) standard; 0.5 kg (1 lbs) low profile

Oscillation module

Max. oscillation stroke amplitude: 16 mm

Max. oscillation speed: 1520 mm/min. (60 IPM)

Oscillation dwell: 0-1 sek.

Cross seam adjustment: ± 6.4 mm 

Arc gap control module
13 mm stroke. Additional mechanical adjustment allows welding heavier wall pipe
Torch propulsion module
250 mm/min. (10 IPM) maximum rotation speed
Water-cooled torch
200 A continuous capability
Torch adjustment capability

Torch lead/lag adjustment: ± 15 degrees (manual)

Torch tilt adjustment: ± 10 degrees (manual)

Power supply compatibility

Pipemaster 515, Pipemaster 516

Dimension and weights:


3.6 kg (8 lbs.)

Axial clearance

Torch C/L to Rear Extremity: 220 mm

Torch C/L to Front Extremity: 10 mm

Radial clearance

Requirement for Pipe 44.45mm and larger

64 mm with Standard Spool

51 mm with Low Profile Spool

(For pipe/tube OD’s less than 44.45mm, Radial Clearance Requirement increases with decreasing diameter. Contact Factory.)

Magnatech Welding

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