Magnatech PIPEMASTER 515 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source

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Magnatech PIPEMASTER 515 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source

The latest generation of Pipemaster power sources is the result of a new direction in power source design. The Pipemaster 515 brings the benefits of digital technology to the orbital welding customer: unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. The new model is half the size and weight of previous models. Digital technology forever eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration.


  • Multi-pass welding of pipes/tubes/tubesheets
  • Full function capability (torch rotation, filler wire feed, electronic arc gap control, electronic oscillation)
  • Operates all models of Magnatech weld Heads(GTAW process)
  • 200 Amp Output
  • Autoranging input eliminates all internal modifications
  • Up to 100 levels per program (Media-based programs)
  • Stores 100 weld programs internally
  • Auto Program automatically generates procedures
  • Programming and operation guided by simple prompts
  • Teach mode allows rapid program development
  • Programmable “override limits? provide supervisory control
  • Weld parameter monitoring/out-of-limits reporting for QA/QC purpose
  • Transfer programs and QC data to PC using USB flash drive “Memory Key?
  • AutoTack automatically generates tack weld programs
  • Large color LCD display
  • Stainless steel case
  • Help Files provide immediate information/assistance
  • Password protection of key functions
  • Waterproof Remote Pendant (25’/8m cable)
  • Auto rewind feature unwraps cable at weld completion
  • All weld Head functions capable of synchronization with pulsed current output
  • Selectable Position or Time-based programming
  • Integral switch prevents welding without torch gas flow
  • Integral printer
  • Detachable coolant recirculator with integral flow switch protection
  • Meets applicable NEMA, CE, CSA standards

  • Cart with bottle rack
  • Extension cables
  • Rugged storage/shipping case

ApplicationFor use with many Magnatech weld head models (GTAW process), welding lathes, and dedicated weld systems
Functions controlled
Weld current output/current pulsing, weld head rotation, weld head wire feed speed, electronic arc voltage
Output power
0-200 amps
Input power requirements (rated load)
230 VAC, 1 Ø, 4.0 KVA, 50/60 Hz
Internal memory capacity
100 weld programs
Maximum open circuit voltage
80 V
Units of measurement
Metric and Inch (selectable)
Data recording/printout
Operator ID, weld ID number, program number, material, OD, wall thickness, date, time, weld head model, project, drawing, programmed parameters, user notes
Language selection
English, Spanish, German, French, others
Operating/storage temperature

Operating: -18 to 50° C (0 to 120° F)

Storage: -25 to 60° C (-20 to 140° F)

Dimension and weights:

Model 515 Power SourceModel 905 Circulator
Length48 cm48 cm
Width35 cm35 cm
Height43 cm27 cm
Weight41 kg15 kg
Weight - Model 51535 kg15 kg

Magnatech Welding

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